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What if we recycle her toys before Christmas?

It’s a sad fact, but often our children receive Christmas gifts from friends or well-intentioned family members who do not match them (to avoid this, think about our wish list !). Sometimes the far-off family offers gifts that are not suited to their age, disability, or values ​​(you raise a budding feminist and get a candy-pink Barbie, your child has eczema, and offers him some very scented beauty products …) You may feel guilty not to like a Christmas present, but there is a way to soothe that feeling …

Just before Christmas, what better than sorting in toys? This is the time to put away the toy box and recycle the games to make room for those that the child will receive the Great Day. As Christmas and birthdays, there is often not enough room in your child’s room, we are overwhelmed by a jumble of obsolete toys, abandoned between the cabinet and the radiator … So how to recycle them positively?
Involve your children

One mistake that parents often make is to pick and pick up the toys to give when the kids are not at home. This is problematic for two reasons: first, your child may be upset and sad when he finds out that there are missing toys in his room. Second, you miss a perfect opportunity to teach your kids about recycling, giving to others, and empathy and generosity.

There are many ways to involve your children in the recycling of their toys: ask them for help to select the ones to donate, choose together which cause they will go to, together set the number to give …
Select toys to recycle

You probably have a place in your house where all the little toys found in chocolate eggs come together or in the famous burger fast food. While it is acceptable to give small toys like these, do not hesitate to encourage your child to choose more significant and better toys, which he no longer uses.

Once the toys are selected, have your child check that they are working, that they are not broken, or that there are no missing pieces. A puzzle with missing pieces will not have the same interest, and a game without all its components may no longer be usable.

Keep the toys that are dear to you, your daughter may not play at all with a porcelain doll, but if it is an invaluable object, keep it, your daughter could pass it later to the children she will wear. in his heart.

Wash the stuffed animals

Before dispensing lint for recycling, make sure they are washed well. It will take you an hour or two and they will seem to come straight from a shop! Do not hesitate to check that these lint are machine washable (and up to what temperature), check those that can not be washed (containing batteries, glued items …). You can use a mesh laundry bag to clean them to keep their shape! Wash them on a gentle cycle, without drying them in a tumble dryer.

Fill a box or bag

Ask the organization that you will donate if they prefer that you put the toys in a bag or rather a carton. Some charities have specific guidelines for packing donations. You can group toys that are similar by category, this makes the process of sorting easier.

Make donations for everyone!

Charities are not the only places where you can donate your toys! You can also give in a school, a nursery, a relay parents-children in the neighborhood, a family in need …

Giving toys that your child no longer uses is not only getting a piece of your house back (hey hey), but it’s also a great opportunity to teach his child to give to those in need . Although the gift of toys is altruistic, giving old, broken or dirty toys is useless. By giving clean toys that are in good condition, you can be sure that the toys that accompanied (or not) a time your child will find a new life with another.

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