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Severus Snape

There were two times when Harry Potter burst into tears. One time, Dumbledore was hit by Snape with “Avadaso” on the tower. Hogwarts’s eternal principal fell like a star, magic. The world is also covered by the darkest moments. This kind of sorrow is the sorrow that can not be sustained in adolescence. From the beginning of childhood, the old principal who accompanied us, when leaving, is like the pain of the bones when the relatives leave. That is, at that time, the hatred of Snape reached the extreme, how could there be such a shameless person? Faced with one of the greatest magicians, when he was weakest, he could wave his desperate wand in the face of the cry of “Please”.

The second time was the finale. Snape was hit by Nagini in a secluded corner. Before the death, Harry was just looking at her, “You have your mother’s eyes“, at the last moments of life, What he wants to see is just the eyes of a lover. For the rest of his life, only Lily is alone.

So when he cried and let Harry take the memory out, no one thought of a man who used his life to complete the infernal world of the magical world. Such perseverance is admirable, but the most heartbreaking is still memory. The memory of Lili’s existence in the middle and large sections is not an excuse, not a whitewash. He left the last will of the world—a man who used his life’s lies to prove the only truth—I love you.

Those pieces of fragmentation are not memories of love, and Snape’s life has been connected in tandem. It is the fragments of these memories that have become the most beautiful part of his life, the reason for living, and letting a person survive sometimes exceeds our imagination. A simple belief is enough to support a person’s life.

Lily is a belief.

He turned himself into the dawn of the magical world brought by darkness, but he didn’t care if the world was saved, and he didn’t care whether his life was a great life. He was still the weak, lonely and sensitive little boy in his childhood. Lily was his right. The initial and last love of this world.

He betrayed the whole world, and the only thing he could not betray was his love for Lily.

Snape was not a likable character from the beginning.

Slytherin’s dean, bloodline theory, full of arrogance and prejudice, the former Death Eater, the position of the Dark Magic Defence class… and from the beginning his resistance to Harry allowed himself to stand on the opposite side of justice and beauty.

And it is this disgust that makes us ignore one of the people who are almost closest to Harry.

The potion class that started in the first grade, like the student era of everyone, there is always a class that wants to escape, and there is no teacher who can’t cope with it anyway. From the first potion class, Harry knew that Snape hated him, but he saved him in Quidditch.

When I arrived at the Azkaban prisoners, Black, Lupin, Dwarf, and more stories of the older generation were uncovered with Harry’s friends who touched Dad’s, a generation that grew up with their parents, from the student age. I started to disagree with my father.

When it came to the Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore made Snape the guardian when Harry became the fourth player in the top three. But this guardian is still the night when Voldemort killed Harry’s parents. He promised Dumbledore that I can protect him, but I can’t let anyone know.

So when it came to the Order of the Phoenix, when Harry was at the peak of youth rebellion, Snape still taught him brain defense over and over again. When Harry was tested at the ordinary wizard level, he was still worried about his future, and the man who taught the potion class might block himself from becoming an Auror dream.

This connection is more closely among the mixed-blood princes, and Harry is one of the best potions students with Snape’s textbooks at Hogwarts. And the owner of this textbook, Snape, knows that Harry doesn’t have so many parents’ relics.

Protecting Harry, protecting Hogwarts’ safety and protecting the magic world. He is the most trusted person of Dumbledore. No one is such a Snape who has been disgusted with the whole series. It is unimaginable. weight.

And when Dumbledore finally revealed the truth to him, when Harry had to die, he finally got out of control:

– I thought it was for so many years…we are protecting him for her…for Lily

– Have you always protected his life for him to die at a critical time?

– I am a spy for you, lying for you, and being in danger for you. I did it all to protect Lily’s son. And now you tell me to raise him to kill like a pig –

He waved his wand, “guard guard”, a silver doe appeared in the Dumbledore principal’s office, and Dumbledore was a little surprised: has it always been like this?

This man, called Snape, may be the most touching answer in Harry Potter:


Harry Potter Glowing Magic Wand Series

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