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Severus Snape

There were two times when Harry Potter burst into tears. One time, Dumbledore was hit by Snape with “Avadaso” on the tower. Hogwarts’s eternal principal fell like a star, magic. The world is also covered by the darkest moments. This kind of sorrow is the sorrow that can not be sustained in adolescence. From the beginning of childhood, the old principal who accompanied us, when leaving, is like the pain of the bones when the relatives leave. That is, at that time, the hatred of Snape reached the extreme, how could there be such a shameless person? Faced with one of the greatest magicians, when he was weakest, he could wave his desperate wand in the face of the cry of “Please”.

The second time was the finale. Snape was hit by Nagini in a secluded corner. Before the death, Harry was just looking at her, “You have your mother’s eyes“, at the last moments of life, What he wants to see is just the eyes of a lover. For the rest of his life, only Lily is alone.

So when he cried and let Harry take the memory out, no one thought of a man who used his life to complete the infernal world of the magical world. Such perseverance is admirable, but the most heartbreaking is still memory. The memory of Lili’s existence in the middle and large sections is not an excuse, not a whitewash. He left the last will of the world—a man who used his life’s lies to prove the only truth—I love you.

Those pieces of fragmentation are not memories of love, and Snape’s life has been connected in tandem. It is the fragments of these memories that have become the most beautiful part of his life, the reason for living, and letting a person survive sometimes exceeds our imagination. A simple belief is enough to support a person’s life.

Lily is a belief.

He turned himself into the dawn of the magical world brought by darkness, but he didn’t care if the world was saved, and he didn’t care whether his life was a great life. He was still the weak, lonely and sensitive little boy in his childhood. Lily was his right. The initial and last love of this world.

He betrayed the whole world, and the only thing he could not betray was his love for Lily.

Snape was not a likable character from the beginning.

Slytherin’s dean, bloodline theory, full of arrogance and prejudice, the former Death Eater, the position of the Dark Magic Defence class… and from the beginning his resistance to Harry allowed himself to stand on the opposite side of justice and beauty.

And it is this disgust that makes us ignore one of the people who are almost closest to Harry.

The potion class that started in the first grade, like the student era of everyone, there is always a class that wants to escape, and there is no teacher who can’t cope with it anyway. From the first potion class, Harry knew that Snape hated him, but he saved him in Quidditch.

When I arrived at the Azkaban prisoners, Black, Lupin, Dwarf, and more stories of the older generation were uncovered with Harry’s friends who touched Dad’s, a generation that grew up with their parents, from the student age. I started to disagree with my father.

When it came to the Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore made Snape the guardian when Harry became the fourth player in the top three. But this guardian is still the night when Voldemort killed Harry’s parents. He promised Dumbledore that I can protect him, but I can’t let anyone know.

So when it came to the Order of the Phoenix, when Harry was at the peak of youth rebellion, Snape still taught him brain defense over and over again. When Harry was tested at the ordinary wizard level, he was still worried about his future, and the man who taught the potion class might block himself from becoming an Auror dream.

This connection is more closely among the mixed-blood princes, and Harry is one of the best potions students with Snape’s textbooks at Hogwarts. And the owner of this textbook, Snape, knows that Harry doesn’t have so many parents’ relics.

Protecting Harry, protecting Hogwarts’ safety and protecting the magic world. He is the most trusted person of Dumbledore. No one is such a Snape who has been disgusted with the whole series. It is unimaginable. weight.

And when Dumbledore finally revealed the truth to him, when Harry had to die, he finally got out of control:

– I thought it was for so many years…we are protecting him for her…for Lily

– Have you always protected his life for him to die at a critical time?

– I am a spy for you, lying for you, and being in danger for you. I did it all to protect Lily’s son. And now you tell me to raise him to kill like a pig –

He waved his wand, “guard guard”, a silver doe appeared in the Dumbledore principal’s office, and Dumbledore was a little surprised: has it always been like this?

This man, called Snape, may be the most touching answer in Harry Potter:


Harry Potter Glowing Magic Wand Series

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Find Your Dance Attire within Dance Clothes

The most important factor in determining the right dance clothes is making a balance between the dance type and your personal style. For example, it would seem inappropriate to wear a bright colored and bold printed dance clothes for a jazz performance. Clearly, this type of clothes is unbecoming to the dance style. Do not overdo your dance costume, on the other hand, do not allow yourself to look plain.

Dance costume stores showcase the products of dance clothes manufacturers and there are catalogs that list their products where you can choose and order. If you have particular concept about the costume you want and you have specific details you want to incorporate, it may be a good idea to find a good seamstress to do it. Do not just focus on how great your costume looks; you got to make sure that size is downright considered.

Are you looking for something that is to be used one time or something that needs repeated use? For example, a little child who needs a costume for one time wear, then you could possibly get a second hand costume which is more practical. If however, the costume is on for repetitive use, it is best to consider durability and should be easy to clean.

There are a lot of dance attire concepts where you can apply your creativity. A dance costume is essential in making an impact in your overall performance. In fact in competitions, points are also given for creative costume which goes to say that your dance costume has bearing on your overall dance routine. Dance routines mean a lot of movement and considering mobility, dance outfit should provide freedom of motion or provide the full range of motion and in no way should be restrictive to the dancer.

Dance attire that is too loose is not a good idea and too tight clothing limits your movement. Snug fit or form fitting clothes would be best. The dance clothes could make a fashion statement from adorable, cute and colorful costume, sexy and revealing costumes, or glamorous and elegant costumes. You need to carefully choose the dance costume whether you are doing a competition or a performance. Your outfit greatly affects your performance and it is essential that you feel most comfortable with your costume. If you have great designed outfit, perfect fit and comfortable dance outfit, then you are up for your greatest performance.

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What are the Best Halloween Costumes for 2019?

As we all know, during the Halloween, the most attractive activities are wearing different costumes to hold the parade and party. Therefore, a wonderful Halloween costume is helpful and charming for us. But what are the best Halloween costumes for 2011? Now, I will give some advice for you.

First of all, the newest Halloween costumes 2011 are the latest tendency of movies, parties, themes etc, the best Halloween costumes can make you become another who you wish to be for the Halloween in 2011, for example, the most attractive movies-avatar, the sing star-lady gaga, all of hem can regard as a model for your new Halloween costumes and become more attractive in this costumes. If you choose costumes for your children, you can choose some cartoon images for them, when they wear the new Halloween costumes 2011, they must be get more candy and food in the “trick or treat”.

Secondly, your family will have to face many problems during the Halloween. When you choose your Halloween costumes the details may deeply influenced the quality and value to your coats, such as the material, size and color. You should consider all of the details. When you choose Halloween costumes for your children, what is the best comfortable material for the children? How many jack-olantern is enough for the children? What is the favorite color of your children? When all of the details in your mind, wonderful Halloween costumes are coming. Besides, the material should be pay more attention, especially for girls dress up costumes, during the Halloween, there will be a lot of parties, it is difficult to avoid the accident, therefore, your costumes’ functional in against the fire, oil stain and scratch must be work well.

At last, you must choose a shop with good reputation; a good shop may include “three guarantees” service, patient service and high evolution scores. You can surf the internet and order your costumes, there are a large number of Halloween costumes 2011, and I believe you can get the best Halloween costumes in 2011.

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Iron Man Costumes for the Whole Family – Dad, Mom, and Kids!

Everyone loves a great Superhero. They’re strong, courageous, and everyone wants to be like them. This coming Halloween, your entire family can get in on the Superhero act by donning their very own Iron Man costume!

Iron Man is one of the most popular Superhero characters in comic books, on television and in film. Using a powered suit of armor complete with technological gadgets and weapons, all of which he designed himself, Iron Man sets out to fight crime and save the world. Through the years, Iron Man has battled Communism, Terrorism and all kinds of evil. He’s a true hero, and one that the entire family can portray when you choose our authentic-looking Iron Costumes.

Now Mom and Dad can join in on the fun this Halloween and make it a day to remember. Imagine how surprised your son will be to find out that the whole family is celebrating his favorite Superhero together? We even have infant and toddler-sized costumes, so even the baby can be Iron Man for Halloween! When you stop by our shop to check out these incredible costumes, don’t forget one of the most important steps of creating a great Iron Man–the authenticity is in the details. That’s right! Details matter. We have a terrific selection of gloves and gauntlets to dress up your Iron Man costume even more.

So, don’t wait! Halloween is right around the corner. Plan now to be a Superhero family this coming Halloween. Pick up Iron Man Costumes for everyone and just watch how fast YOU become the real Superhero, at least in the eyes of your family.

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Designer Dress Up Clothes for Kids

We all understand youngsters like to dress up and rework into their favorite aristocrat or superhero. nearly over the other toy, costumes square measure the foremost used and most cherished by youngsters. Some folks like to purchase dressups at Walmart and alternative discount stores wherever they’re made from plastic and collapse quickly. If your youngsters are not into dress ups as most square measure, or they solely wear them for Halloween, then the plastic dressups square measure a good choice for you.

However, if your youngsters sleep in their dress up costumes and throw a work regarding taking them off to run errands and do alternative family activities, then very little Adventures whole costumes square measure the most effective out there. If you are uninterested in a budget costumes that collapse, then very little Adventures won’t cross as a result of they’re soft and cozy to wear all day long, they’re mechanically cleanable, and that they square measure nothing such as you can notice at your native stores. Your youngsters can love them and play in them such a lot that they’re going to become their favorite toy.

Why not indulge your youngsters with a toy that may enhance their imagination and facilitate them with their fake play? there’s nothing higher than youngsters WHO square measure overheard pretence to be the king and queen of a castle with the aristocrat and aristocrat returning on for the ride to induce married and have royal youngsters. this kind of play is such a lot higher than video games and alternative sorts of amusement obtainable for young youngsters.

This is why getting quality dress up costumes square measure a requirement for young families whose youngsters relish fake play and dress up fun. very little Adventures costumes are often purchased at a spread of on-line locations and native specialty stores in some areas. they’re thought-about designer dress ups, however they’re sold-out at an inexpensive worth, most ancient dresses solely value regarding $27 and plenty of on-line retailers supply free shipping on high of the low worth.

When selecting the proper dress up costume for your girl, contemplate selecting one in every of the Disney Princesses. These square measure favorites among very little women as a result of they need seen the films and need to act them out. as an example, a blue Cinderella is that the preferred dress, followed closely by the gorgeous pink Sleeping Beauty or Aurora dress, consecutive preferred dress is that the yellow fille dress, then Ariel or very little imaginary creature. If your kid is not into Disney Princesses, then you will just like the fancy Rapunzel dress in a very lightweight purple. All of those dresses square measure mechanically cleanable and can not itch your kid. all of them go along with lovely accessories like headbands, slips, cloaks or capes in numerous colours, and doll and adult aristocrat dresses that match dead the insufficient Adventures whole of dress up clothes.

If your very little boy loves dressing up even as very much like your girl, then you may need to indulge him with many of very little Adventures quality line of girls dress up costumes. the foremost well-liked boys costume is that the dragon cape. it is easy on and straightforward off and has elastic on the within for them to place felon finger through to flap their wings. Next preferred is that the Red aristocrat dress up costume with chain-mail and it’s blue counterpart, the Crusader costume. For a additional fun look, strive the superhero capes in attendant, Spiderman, red superhero, knight, and pirate or a Harry Potter wizard cape and matching wand.

Whatever your wants square measure, very little Adventures is that the whole of dress ups to suit your family’s wants. They ne’er cross and fogeys love them even as very much like the children do. strive some out nowadays and see however tremendous they extremely are!

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Educational toys: complete guide to download for free

Educational toys: complete guide to download for free
Educational toys are designed to help children learn and grow. Many toys available today teach children math, reading, English, and more. Toys help the development of children. Today children are advanced in technology, educational toys give them the advantage of taking control of their digital life at a very young age. The current toys are Leapfrog toys, educational dolls, games to learn to read and many more. No matter what you are looking for, educational toys will have many benefits while helping to develop your child’s skills.

But what is an educational toy?

Definition of an educational toy: An educational toy is a game aimed at learning skills or knowledge and developing several skills. It can be a video game or a traditional game like Veritech. In particular, they are used at school as pedagogical tools (source).

The benefits and reasons for buying educational toys for kids are endless. Not only is it a fun experience that can be appreciated by the child as well as by his parents, but it also supports the early development and education of the child. So what exactly are these benefits and how do we know which toys will provide the greatest learning potential? The benefits of educational toys for children are described in my guide and in the list below. This provides a starting point for all parents looking to learn more about the benefits and how they can integrate it into their child’s life. Educational toys are a great way to encourage your child’s learning and a great source of fun. Most parents and educators recognize the benefits of this type of game. Therefore, products of different shapes and sizes can be found and they are all listed in the guide.
What are the benefits of educational toys

Children love to play: from the moment a child is born in this world, he explores it. At the beginning of a baby’s life, it starts with a gentle exploration of the world as they begin to discover their own body and the immediate world around them. This can be seen when a baby sucks on an object. Slowly, this turns into a more structured activity like “cuckoo, hiding” or making silly faces. However, the common factor involved in all these early activities is that babies and children enjoy the game.

Educational toys develop the senses of the child: this is especially true for babies. Because they explore each sense for the first time, everything is new. Drawing on their experiences by offering them specific educational toys associated with each sense, such as brightly colored toys, different foods or toys that make different noises, etc., you literally give them a new experience that they would not necessarily have otherwise. It is through these experiences that they begin to develop their personalities, especially what they like and do not like.

Educational toys teach life lessons: some educational toys teach children life lessons, for example, cause and effect. This can be seen when a child uses blocks, spending hours building a tall tower, and then knocking it over. The child can experiment and explore how the building can improve before it falls out of his hand and practice again and again until he is satisfied with the lesson.

An educational toy increases IQ: children will present different talents, but it is only through practice and study that a deeper understanding or skill can be fully developed. Educational toys are designed to develop literacy, memory, motor skills, eye coordination and more. Because the child likes to play, the time spent on the activity will be longer, a more detailed understanding of the result can be obtained.

Educational toys maintain interest: each child learns differently, some visually, others kinetically. By identifying a toy that meets their desired learning method, the individual will be engaged in the activity in a way that he appreciates. Thus, there is desire to continue to play and inadvertently learn. Sometimes learning in an environment


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What if we recycle her toys before Christmas?

It’s a sad fact, but often our children receive Christmas gifts from friends or well-intentioned family members who do not match them (to avoid this, think about our wish list !). Sometimes the far-off family offers gifts that are not suited to their age, disability, or values ​​(you raise a budding feminist and get a candy-pink Barbie, your child has eczema, and offers him some very scented beauty products …) You may feel guilty not to like a Christmas present, but there is a way to soothe that feeling …

Just before Christmas, what better than sorting in toys? This is the time to put away the toy box and recycle the games to make room for those that the child will receive the Great Day. As Christmas and birthdays, there is often not enough room in your child’s room, we are overwhelmed by a jumble of obsolete toys, abandoned between the cabinet and the radiator … So how to recycle them positively?
Involve your children

One mistake that parents often make is to pick and pick up the toys to give when the kids are not at home. This is problematic for two reasons: first, your child may be upset and sad when he finds out that there are missing toys in his room. Second, you miss a perfect opportunity to teach your kids about recycling, giving to others, and empathy and generosity.

There are many ways to involve your children in the recycling of their toys: ask them for help to select the ones to donate, choose together which cause they will go to, together set the number to give …
Select toys to recycle

You probably have a place in your house where all the little toys found in chocolate eggs come together or in the famous burger fast food. While it is acceptable to give small toys like these, do not hesitate to encourage your child to choose more significant and better toys, which he no longer uses.

Once the toys are selected, have your child check that they are working, that they are not broken, or that there are no missing pieces. A puzzle with missing pieces will not have the same interest, and a game without all its components may no longer be usable.

Keep the toys that are dear to you, your daughter may not play at all with a porcelain doll, but if it is an invaluable object, keep it, your daughter could pass it later to the children she will wear. in his heart.

Wash the stuffed animals

Before dispensing lint for recycling, make sure they are washed well. It will take you an hour or two and they will seem to come straight from a shop! Do not hesitate to check that these lint are machine washable (and up to what temperature), check those that can not be washed (containing batteries, glued items …). You can use a mesh laundry bag to clean them to keep their shape! Wash them on a gentle cycle, without drying them in a tumble dryer.

Fill a box or bag

Ask the organization that you will donate if they prefer that you put the toys in a bag or rather a carton. Some charities have specific guidelines for packing donations. You can group toys that are similar by category, this makes the process of sorting easier.

Make donations for everyone!

Charities are not the only places where you can donate your toys! You can also give in a school, a nursery, a relay parents-children in the neighborhood, a family in need …

Giving toys that your child no longer uses is not only getting a piece of your house back (hey hey), but it’s also a great opportunity to teach his child to give to those in need . Although the gift of toys is altruistic, giving old, broken or dirty toys is useless. By giving clean toys that are in good condition, you can be sure that the toys that accompanied (or not) a time your child will find a new life with another.

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Which toys promote concentration?

The simple act of playing can be an exercise of concentration for a child, but still it is necessary to propose to him the games which will help him to develop his capacities. The advice of Catherine WATINE, head of a toy library in Montreuil.

Toys are not only a source of exchange within the family but they also allow the child to develop his imagination and concentration. You can help him by choosing the right toys and following a few basic rules. Of course, you must take into account the evolution of your child and his specific interests.

From 0 to 3 years old: it’s up to you

  • In this age group, the child develops his senses and his logic. He is therefore interested in games of different textures, which make noise and move.
  • In this age group, the child learns to control his senses (hearing, touch, sight, smell, taste) and his ability to observe.
  • He will easily fix his attention on everything that gives him sensations.
  • It is also during this period that he discovers the logic of what surrounds him.
  • Initially, it is up to you to solicit it and then little by little he will ask you this or that game. You will then know what he likes the most and you will be able to exercise his capacity of concentration on his favorite toys.

What you can offer him: To develop his senses

  • Sound and multicolored rattles with various textures.
  • Wooden toys because it is a warm material that has weight and makes noise when it falls.
  • To develop its logic: nesting games, stacking, spinning tops, ball toys.

What to avoid and why

  • Too much solicit your child because it could tire him.
  • Laughing at his failures because it could discourage him.
  • From 3 to 6 years old: let him play alone

Your child discovers social life, he tries to imitate you and continues to develop his bodily skills. He can start the board games, get excited about anything that allows him to do “like the big ones” and spend long time with his building games.

During this period, the imagination of your child develops enormously. His gestures are also more precise and, above all, from the age of 5, he can begin to want to play with others.
Construction and social games are good ways to develop your attention span. He will also be very focused playing alone at the garage or the merchant. These are important moments during which he imitates the lives of adults and settles his own conflicts (the doctor gave me an injection, I also make one to my doll)

What you can offer him:

  • To develop his imagination: Castles, pirate ships, dolls, garages
  • To develop agility and logic: Construction games
  • To develop his sociability: Board games but only based on chance because they can not yet develop a strategy (for example “the game of the goose”, “the little horses” …)

What to avoid and why

  • Interrupt him in the middle of the game because it cuts his concentration.
  • Forcing him to finish a game. He has the right to stop, otherwise playing will not be a pleasure for him but a constraint.
  • Put the games in a closed cupboard. On the contrary, it is necessary to put them in scene so that your child goes spontaneously towards them.
  • From 6 to 12 years old: help him develop his taste for others

In this age group, the logical spirit develops and buddies begin to take up space. Your child may be drawn to sophisticated building games and inventive board games.

In this age group, children have a great need for sociability.

They can understand a rule, share it and concentrate for a long time.

This is the ideal age for board games. But construction games and those that nurture the imagination are always welcome.

What you can offer him

  • To develop your concentration
  • Board games requiring tactics and strategy (eg “Gygamic”, “Abalone”, “Monopoly”, “Cluedo”): Card games (“battle”, “yellow dwarf” …)
  • To develop their skill and imagination: Construction games (eg “Lego”)

What to avoid and why

  • Do not finish a game because it means that you do not pay much attention to the game for which your child has made the effort to concentrate and it is a bad example of tenacity.
  • Prevent video games as part of its culture, it could be marginalized at school. It’s up to you to manage the time spent on this type of games.
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Why does my child play like this?

To play, a child has the habit of diverting objects from their use: he plays with the wrapping of the gift, eats the pencils offered to him, climbs upside down on the toboggan … But what happens he in his head? Decryption.
My child rides on the toboggan upside down

As soon as you arrive at the park, your child goes to the toboggan and starts to climb … but upside down. Cries of other children who want to slip, protests. Unperturbed, your toddler continues climbing up the ramp.
– What’s going on in his head?
The steps are too high and the stairs are impressive. He prefers to try climbing from below! And it is not the explanations that will dissuade him: the sense of circulation, the fluidity, the “each his turn”, he understands nothing.
The slope seems much more attractive to him than the steps, a point that’s all! First, because from where he is, he can see where he wants to go – which is not the case when he is at the bottom of the stairs.
But also because, by the slope, the game starts immediately. If he drops a hand or a foot, he slips … but from when will he fall? “The adventure, the real one, is here. She asks for her motor skills, her desire to discover, her need to gain confidence in himself, her legs, feet, hands, muscles, arms, observes Laurence Rameau. For him, the most important thing is not to have arrived at the top, it is to try. ”
– How to best support your child?
Resist the urge to sit directly at the top of the slide. “It does not help him to feel confident,” says the nurse. Moreover, once he is installed on the curb, either he is panicked and simply refuses to go down, or he has the impression of having won a false victory since he has not arrived by himself. ”
Better to let your child climb the slope and encourage his efforts: “I think you climb higher and higher, it’s great. “Ensuring his safety and that of other children, of course!
Teach him to consider their presence: “Look, there is a little boy who wants to go down, free the slope so he can slip! It’s also a way of showing him that there is another way to play the toboggan.

He has fun with the packaging and abandons the gift
What happens in the mind of a child so that he enjoys diverting objects from their use? Laurence Rameau, pediatric nurse, trainer of early childhood professionals and author of Why babies play (Editions Philippe Duval), explains everything.
This toy, you chose it with care and love. Yes, but … as soon as your toddler has handled it for three minutes, he turns away from it to throw himself on the cardboard box and the piece of string hanging on it!
– What’s going on in his head?
In a few minutes, your child went around what the toy could bring him. Already, his desire turns to something else. And what are his eyes falling on? Paper, cardboard and string.
“These neutral objects are more exciting for him than the toy,” says nurse Laurence Rameau. He can exploit them physically, to do something unexpected. ”
The card then becomes a hat, a garage for cars, or a cabin for the teddy bear. The string turns into a snake that he drags to the ground, and he is delighted to see that she follows him like an obedient little dog!
It is also an opportunity for him to make essential experiences. “He’ll come in and out of the box, so learn the difference between inside and out,” says the specialist. Drag objects into it, its blanket for example. Does it disappear when it is in the box or does it continue to exist out of sight? To check it, he will get it back. Does it work every time? He begins again to make sure. Like a researcher, the young child multiplies the tests. He makes assumptions and validates them. ”
Unlike toys, whose use is pre-established, objects are also for the toddler the opportunity to exercise his imagination and invent scenarios. Put on the floor, the string becomes a path to follow. If he places his feet next to him, he falls into the sea. But cardboard is an island on which he can rest. Amazing!